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Edge Grain Vs End Grain:

Edge Grain cutting boards are creating with the edge of the wood facing the top.  This provides a quality edge for knives and shows the long grain of the wood.

End Grain cutting boards are created with the end of the wood facing up.  This provides a superior cutting surface for knife edges.  The wood fibers open and allow the knife to penetrate, keeping knifes sharper longer.  This type of cutting board also hides knife marks between the fibers.  End Grain cutting boards will wear over time better then edge grain.

Are wood cutting boards safe?

A study done by UC Davis found that food borne bacteria dies off inside of wood surfaces, where as it can grow on plastic.  This test was conducted on ten different wood species.  They also found that surfaces of plastic that have deep cut marks are almost impossible to clean thoroughly, which can cause bacteria growth inside.  This was not found with wood.  The entire study can be read here:

How do I care for a wood cutting board?

At least once a month, apply Monnier Woodcraft board conditioner to all surfaces with a clean cloth. Let stand for 20 minutes and wipe off any excess.

Do not allow any type of liquid to stand on the surface for extended amounts of time. Do not leave fresh, wet meats stand on the board for longer then needed. Any liquid from meat or other foods can soak into the board causing expansion and breaking of the glue joints.

Only prep raw poultry or fish on the board if the board has been recently treated with board conditioner. Clean the surface immediately after use.

Sanitize your board with dish soap and water then dry immediately. Do not soak or submerge in water or use any harsh cleaners. Never place your board in the dishwasher.


All Monnier Woodcraft products come with a 1 year manufactures warranty.


If you for some reason receive your item and do not want it, it can be return for a refund if it is not opened.  Due to being a food preparation item, we cannot accept refunds on open products.  You will be responsible for shipping costs, unless you receive the wrong item.  In that case, we will send you a pre paid label to ship it back and we will ship out the correct item as soon as possible.